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Leadership is about legitimacy; once you have lost it you must go.

—by Nikhil Vaish

A person should be replaced the moment they think they have become irreplaceable.

—by Nikhil Vaish

The Trouble with #ChrisChristie

Even if it turns out that Governor Christie did not personally order the lane closures on the GW bridge (or become aware of what was happening until the new story broke), this may not matter in derailing his run for president.

The real issue remains the fact that his closest aides felt that they could behave in this manner; it is telling of a culture of intimidation and bullying that can only come from the top. The boss sets the tone, which in turn gives his employees permission to follow suite. Staff are always trying to emulate their bosses.

I started out liking Christie because he did not seem like all other politicians. The first warning sign came at the Republican National convention when, as the keynote speaker introducing Mitt Romney, he spent the entire time talking about himself. It was a fully self-aggrandizing moment and it was clear that he was no different than every other politician filled with a bloated sense of self. In that moment I saw beneath Christie’s act and he was just another politician intoxicated with power and hungry for more.

In the end, Christie has proven to be nothing more than a vindictive little bully; even employing the same tactics and political power play that he claimed to profess disdain for.